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T h e A n n u a l F a l l H y d r o F l i p : N o v 1 From November 1, mornings and early evenings will become the most ex- pensive times for electricity, the oppo- site of summer when 11am-5pm is the most expensive. 7pm-7am is always the cheapest

8 Tips To Improve Your Space Did you know that our physical environment can affect our mental state? A cluttered countertop can make us feel uneasy and a collection of mis- matched shoes at the entrance can change our mood as we walk in the door. 1. Out of sight, out of mind. Declutter countertops. Store items in containers behind closed doors or in drawers and fight the urge to place decorative items in every square inch of free space. Keep hallways free of clutter. 2. Keep the path clear. You should be able to move naturally and freely through your space without obstacles blocking the most common path- way. Consider placing your couch and other large furniture against the wall to avoid breaking up the room. . 3. In smaller spaces , consider tables (coffee, dining) that are round or oval to promote good flow, instead of those with hard sharp corners. 4. The size of your furniture should be proportional to the room it’s in. And don’t forget about its purpose: a dining table must also take into account the size and number of chairs around it. People should be able to comfort- ably get in and out of their chairs, and there should still be room to walk around the table when everyone is seated. 5. Let air flow through and around heavy furniture. Avoid piling boxes and storage containers underneath beds and dressers. They look messy and attract dust. It’s better to hide them away in a closet with a closed door. 6. Create fluidity from one room to the next. Paint using a similar colour pal- ette throughout the house. For a pop of colour or texture, add decorative accent pillows or artwork; items that can be changed at any time. 7. Let the light in . Avoid blocking windows at all costs, even partially. Natural light and fresh air can help to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. You should be able to fully open & close doors without bumping furniture. 8. Consider using an air purifier in your kitchen to remove food odours, or a diffuser in your bedroom or den. If using essential oils in a diffuser, choose light, refreshing scents that do not overwhelm the space.

Winter weekday rates : November 1—Apr i l 30

You can now choose either Time-Of-Use or tiered (flat rate) pricing. See more at en/accounts-services/accounts/ electricity-rate-selection

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