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Use compass directions to find the correct locations for the missing letters of the alphabet. When you have completed the grid, see if you can discover the hidden city, country, river or mountain located in the completed grid. Note: North or south means any location along the same column. East or west means any location along the same row.

Directions: A is south of E: D is south of V B is north of T and west of E C is west of Y and south of G E is west of S and south of J F is west of O: G is east of P H is east of J and north of O I is east of U: W is east of B L is south of B: M is north of Y N is north of U: O is east of A P is north of T: Q is west of V R is west of C: Z is north of F S is east of V and north of I K is south of J and east of T Y is east of T and south of V


With summer fast approaching, spending time outdoors is on the top of many Canadian’s to-do lists. If your backyard is your go to space, you want to create a private oasis where you can relax and enjoy nature. Even if you enjoy escaping to your balcony, there are a few ways you can ensure a more private area. It just takes a bit of creativity and planning. Aside from a traditional fence, one of the easiest ways to create privacy is to use trees, shrubs, vines and other plants. Planting up against a fence, balcony railing or even around a deck or patio can create a functional and visually appealing barrier to keep your neighbours from spying on you when you’re outdoors. Plants that grow vertically are an obvious choice, but also consider plants that grow wide and thick. Use tall planters if needed. The planters themselves can add a layer of privacy too if positioned strategically. Wood or metal privacy screens can come in handy for those that don’t have a green thumb. Use pre-built screens or build some yourself to create a wall that is decorative and useful. Slatted wood, or lattice patterns can allow some light through but also keep prying eyes away. Other materials can also be utilized in creating a privacy screen – think plexiglass, vinyl fabric, recycled tin or corrugated metal or simple pallets. The options for creating privacy are vast and don’t have to be expensive.


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