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TIPS FOR PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR A SHOWING You’ve decided to sell your home. You’ve contacted your favourite REALTOR®, and you’ve begun the process of putting your property on the market. Those are important first steps. But to attract the right sort of buyers, and to ultimately receive the sort of return on your housing investment you’d like, it’s important to make your home as appealing and as attractive as possible. the lawn is freshly cut, the autumn leaves are carefully raked, or if it’s winter that the driveway is shovelled and snow-free. Few things can dissuade a buyer more than having to trudge through snow or wet slush to get to the front door of a home.

Clutter inside a house is probably the first thing a prospective buyer will notice upon entering a home. Always pick up and put away anything that doesn’t need to be there — especially on stairs, tables or behind furniture. A pile of shoes by the doorway or a clump of newspapers and mail dumped on a table can give buyers a negative impression of the property. The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. By taking a few steps before a showing, your property will appeal to a wider audience and ultimately sell for a higher price. It’s your biggest investment, so make the effort to get the full return you’re entitled to.

It’s a corny old saying, but it’s still true that you never have a second chance to make a good first impression. For the seller that first impression starts with what’s typically referred to as ‘curb appeal’ — or how the home looks when you first see it from the road. For many potential buyers that first glimpse could be the difference between a profitable sale and a home left on the market for an extended period. A buyer will never know how gorgeous your home is on the inside if the exterior of the property is a turn off. Depending on the season always ensure

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