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The age-old question when buying new patio or outdoor furniture is: do you purchase furniture that will last a season or two or do you purchase higher quality furniture that will last longer? A lot of this depends on where you see yourself in a few years and what your needs at that point may be. Here are three areas to consider before making a purchase.

1. Cost: If you're planning to move into a new home in the foreseeable future, perhaps saving money and purchasing something that meets your needs now is more prudent and you can splurge on a larger, different or more functional set in the future when you're in your forever home. 2. Aesthetic: If the look of a particular set floats your boat, consider how you can alter it if your tastes change over time. Can you change out cushions, umbrellas, etc. or can it be painted or refinished if the structure is something you like but the colour may get tiring over a few seasons?

3. Durability: To purchase the perfect outdoor furniture, consider the elements it will be exposed to. Furniture made from plastic vs. wood vs. metal, etc. will all wear and age differently in different climates. For example, if you live in a humid climate with lots of rain, wood furniture may take more maintenance to keep looking new than it would in a dryer area. Conversely, if your furniture is exposed to hours of direct sunlight, you would want to choose furniture that has some UV protection to keep the fabrics and paint looking newer, longer.


• May is "Get Caught Reading Month" - what's on your TBR list? • Have you ever heard the saying, "A warm January, a cold May"? • May has two birth flowers: the Hawthorn and the Lily-of-the-Valley symbolizing hope and the return of happiness respectively. • The full moon in May (May 23, 2024) is called the Flower Moon representing the abundance of flowers that bloom during the month.

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1. Sour beginning


2. The boy's test

What's a Hink Pink you ask? Hink Pinks are fun rhyming word riddles. The answer to the riddle is a pair of words that rhyme with each other. For example: Large Feline would be Fat Cat.

3. Tanned circus entertainer

4. Used honker

5. Stubby, tennis area

Solution: 1. Tart Start 2. His Quiz 3. Brown Clown 4. Worn Horn 5. Short Court 6. Dumb Plump 7. Dime Crime 8. Pest Nest 9. Sub Grub 10. Strong Thong

6. Stupid fruit

7. Ten cent violation

8. Termite haven

9. Submarine food

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10. Burly summer footwear

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