Home Trends From Bonni & Shauna


After you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll want to explore the community and meet new people. Having a sense of community is good for your overall well being and knowing who lives in the homes around you is good for your security and safety. A great way to meet those that live next to you is to hold a yard or garage sale. You’ll probably have a few things that you moved from your old place that just don’t fit or work with your new space and it won’t hurt to set out a table and spend a Saturday selling your wares and meeting your neighbours. If you have children, they can host a lemonade or cookie stand to meet other children in the neighbourhood. If you don’t have anything to sell, consider sharing the harvest from your garden or overflowing apple tree with those around you. Another tried and true place to meet your neighbours is on the walking trails or nearby

green spaces. Perhaps there is a local running group or walking meet-up that you can join and get to know some new people while staying healthy and active. On the other hand, you can head online to see if your new neighbourhood has a social media page. If they don’t and you are tech savvy, consider starting one yourself. Engage with others online and suggest meeting for coffee at a local shop where you can bond over the best places to eat, which grocery store has the best deals and other things that make your neighbourhood special. Volunteering or attending the community league annual general meeting is another way to meet your neighbours and see what the issues facing your area are. Once you become more familiar with the area and the people around you, you’ll be able to welcome other newcomers when they move into the 'hood'.


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