Home Trends From Bonni & Shauna


With fall and winter looming, you may be looking for a small and inexpensive change that will turn your "boring" kitchen into something exciting and noteworthy. Here are four things you can do this weekend for under $100.

Paint the island - add a pop of colour to your kitchen by painting the island a vibrant red, striking terracotta or forest green. All of these colours are trendy right now and if you get tired of it, you can just re-paint again in a few months! Remove cupboard doors to create open shelving - display your favourite dishes and cooking gadgets while creating a more functional and accessible kitchen. Use coloured or textured contact paper to line the shelves for even more excitement.

Change out the hardware - swap your old drawer and cupboard knobs for a new style. Be daring and use one style of knob on the upper cabinets and a different one altogether on the bottom ones. Update the backsplash - add a peel and stick backsplash to your existing tile to completely change the look of the kitchen. Mix and match patterns and textures if you're feeling adventurous.


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