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When moving, you’re often very focused on your budget. What your current place is selling for, what your new place will cost, how much it will cost to furnish the extra rooms in your new home, etc. And that can mean skimping on moving supplies because you’re trying to save a few dollars. However, there are some things you should invest in to make your move easier. Here’s a list of what to save on and what to splurge on. Save on boxes – as long as they’re clean and sturdy, you can save. See if any family/friends have paper boxes. If you know someone who has recently moved, ask if you can buy their boxes off of them for a small fee, or you can even hit up online buy and sell groups to see if any are listed there. Splurge on garbage bags – you’ll use a lot of garbage or recycling bags for tossing unwanted items into the garbage, bagging

items or clothes to donate, or even protecting your wardrobe for the move. You can buy cheap ones, but they’ll likely break before you’ve even transported them to the garbage bin. Invest in a few quality garbage bags and you’ll be thankful you did. Save on packing peanuts – there’s something to be said for keeping fragile items safe, and packing peanuts come in handy. However, towels, sheets, clothes and blankets can be used strategically to wrap precious items and you can even pack them at the same time. Splurge on movers – whether you hire professionals or friends and family, don’t anticipate you can move everything on your own. Not only will it take a lot longer, you’ll get tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. Even hiring a group of movers (and truck) for the larger items will save you a lot of stress and your back will thank you.


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