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ADDING FERNS TO YOUR DECOR Ferns are low maintenance, attractive and overall great plants to grow indoors. Ferns, by definition, don't have flowers so they add a lot of greenery to your decor and can help a room feel lush and welcoming. In the wild, they typically grow on forest floors under canopies of trees, try to keep that type of environment in mind when using them as a houseplant. Ferns thrive in indirect light, away from windows, air vents or heat sources like fireplaces. Think about placing them near a north- or east-facing window. If the leaves turn yellow the fern is not receiving enough light or if the leaves turn dry and crispy, it's getting too much sun. They like to be watered regularly; moist, but not saturated soil is a must, ensure you use a well-draining variety of potting soil. Misting the leaves on occasion provides the excess humidity they'll need to thrive. Feel free to fertilize your ferns monthly from early spring to fall. When they get too big for the pot they're in, you should transplant them into a larger planter so their roots have room to grow. The best time of year to do this is during the spring when they're about to go into their peak growing season.


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