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WHY PEOPLE SELL THEIR HOMES As a buyer, you can rest assured there are a number of reasons that every month tens of thousands of Canadians put their homes on the market and will collectively continue to do so regardless of the current market. First up are life-changing situations from marriage to divorce to children moving out to grandparents moving in. These types of situations often call for a change in housing type, style or budget which will result in a property coming to market. Next up is a work-related reason. Whether they have received a promotion or accepted a new job in another part of the city, town, province or even country, Canadians have to move for work and doing so will add to the local real estate market. Financial reasons also motivate a number of real estate transactions, especially when high mortgage rates make a home less affordable and owners downsize to lead a more comfortable lifestyle. Finally, many home owners just want a new place to hang their hat - sometimes there are maintenance tasks that are just too difficult, costly or time consuming to continue; sometimes, a different size yard, kitchen or basement is desired; sometimes mobility issues make a house with stairs inaccessible and a condo with an elevator more appropriate. Whatever the reason, patience is paramount as a buyer. The right property will come on the market soon. And know you can purchase a home for the interim while the right "forever" home comes on the market.

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