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WATERING CAN 101 A watering can is just a watering can, right? It does have one main function - to help you water your plants, but there are a few nuances to consider when you're shopping for the right tool for the job. A large watering can will help you transport more water and water more plants at once, but how heavy will it be when filled? Are you able to comfortably carry it and pour from it? When carrying the jug, a rounded handle will be more comfortable, and two handles make pouring easier and allow you better accuracy. Look for a wide opening that is easily accessible and not blocked partially by the handle which will allow you to easily fill it via hose or water barrel. A long spout with multiple watering nozzles would be ideal as you can effectively water any size or shaped plant. An attachment that provides a rain-like pour as well as one that allows a direct stream would also meet most watering needs. Finally, the material the watering can is made out of is also important. Plastic cans will deteriorate due to exposure faster than a metal watering can. However, metal watering cans can break and need to be re-welded or repurposed at some point too, so they're not indestructible, but do tend to last longer.

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