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NEUTRALIZING ODOURS Every home has a scent and if you're selling you should try to neutralize your home's to make it more appealing to buyers. Some scents are appealing (like fresh baked bread) but others can be triggering to those with allergies or a heightened sense of smell. Before spraying a room deodorizer which may just mask any issues, try these natural options first. Baking soda is known to absorb odors, placing a box in the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and where your pets live will help neutralize any smells. You can also sprinkle it onto the carpet and vacuum it up after giving it time to absorb odours. Activated charcoal has gone through a heat or chemical process to make it porous which will absorb odors. Place in a breathable cotton bag and put it in closets, trash cans, near the diaper pail and anywhere else odors seem overpowering. Air purifiers are a bit expensive and can take up precious space in a room, but they are excellent to have when trying to remove a strong smell from your kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. They work by filtering the air from smells, toxins and other pollutants in your home. Opening windows and allowing fresh air into the home can also help and using a fan to direct the stale indoor air to the outside is recommended. If you’re unsure if your home has a scent, ask your friends and family and your real estate agent for an honest opinion.

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