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Let Your Lights Shine! Guest Article by Rachel Borrelli REALTORS ® often ask “Is it really necessary to change the lighting in a home when preparing a home for sale?”

We met Rachel in Calgary and were impressed with her. We asked her to write for RELATE to share some of

her knowledge with you. Here is some information that you can take to your next listing – and don’t forget to call Rachel if you're an agent in the Calgary area.

While I cannot guarantee a sale of a home, I can say that outdated light fixtures suggest work. Work does not suggest TURN KEY - a term every home buyer wants to hear. It means we can move in and slowly change the things we don’t like in order to make it our own. “My home, my way."

Now if you’re a handyman that may not mean anything, as it’s not a big job and it certainly does not need to be expensive! The big box stores and specialty lighting stores all have plenty of choices at all price points. So when do we know if we should suggest the lights be changed: • When they are rusty, damaged or just 20 years old and show it • When they don’t suit the standard of the luxury home you are selling • When there is inadequate/insufficient lighting to properly illuminate the room or closet • When they are disproportionate and out of scale What should it be changed to, and how trendy should the lights be? Think simple, stylish lights in silver or nickel metal with a brushed or shiny finish. Only use a gold light fixture when all the hardware in the house is still original gold. As a general rule, leave the rustic, industrial or super modern styles for newer homes. That does not mean you should not change out a single light because you cannot afford to change them all. If your front entrance and dining light are in the same view, then change both (but not every room). A dark and dingy home is not appealing and can make rooms appear smaller. Ensure the rooms are bright by replacing bulbs with the maximum lighting wattage the fixture will allow. Don’t forget to add supplemental lighting with lamps, which also create that peaceful, comfortable mood or task lighting for reading in a corner or for cooking under the kitchen cabinets. Another tip is to use a soft white or warm white throughout each room. Not yellow or a bluish white. At the very least, ensure that all the bulbs are giving out the same colour in a room. Refresh and dramatically transform or update your listing with the simple change of a light feature.

Rachel Borrelli Rachel is the owner and lead Property Stylist of Diversa Designs Inc., serving Calgary and surrounding areas since 2010. As a member of the Canadian Certified Staging Association and the Real Estate Staging Association, she believes staying current matters and sharing that information, so your listings sell for top dollar and as quickly as possible! 403-813-2719 @DiversaDesignsHomeStagingInc

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