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Benefits of Tactile Marketing There are essentially three ways to connect: Personal, Tactile and Digital. Let's focus on tactile connections: connecting with your clients via something they can hold in their hand like a keychain, a magnet, tickets to an event, a newsletter, a greeting card, etc. Tactile marketing is the next best thing to personal marketing to build relationships because you still get a physical connection without having to be there in person. The physical connection you achieve with a tactile marketing piece will make an impact on the recipient’s emotions and memory. The fact you put time and effort into sending them something shows you’re thinking of them and leaves clients with a positive feeling towards you. That positive feeling will put you top-of-mind when they (or someone they know) need a REALTOR ® . There has been extensive research done in the past few years looking at the value of tactile marketing in age groups from Millennials to Baby Boomers. It has been discovered that pieces a person can touch tend to be: easier to understand (in fact, it takes 21% less mental effort to understand print vs. digital marketing) more persuasive (a tactile piece motivates people to respond 20% more) make recipients feel more valued (by 57%) Tactile marketing increases your reach because it is easy to: share (71% of all consumers including 77% of Millennials will share a tactile piece) display (81% of tactile marketing gets displayed in the home or office) respond to (64% of recipients visited a website in response to direct mail piece) Tactile items will stick around the home for a while giving you maximum exposure (advertising mail is kept for 17 days, on average.) This stay ability gives time for visitors to snoop and see your information and time for your client to pass it along too. No matter how simple the item, your client will see the gesture as you taking the time and effort to give them something they can use and that’s what they focus on – the fact that you’ve still got their best interest in mind. Tactile marketing is the best type of marketing to outsource, give it a small personal touch and use it as your consistent, scheduled connection with your sphere – the one you know will happen even when you’re busy.

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