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Our Holiday Flat Card is a festive, easy and cost effective way to celebrate the season. HOLIDAY FLAT CARD

Front Template:

1. Snow Globe

2. Holiday Etch

ORDER DEADLINE November 23, 2018

4. Winter House

3. Black & Gold

MAIL DATE December 7, 2018

Back Template:

3. Your Photos (please submit)

1. Polka Dots

2. Calendar

Note: Each back option will have colours changed to match front


1. Hearts that are merry, a time of good cheer - Wishing all this and a Happy New Year!

2. It wouldn’t seem like Christmas if I didn’t get in touch, and send season’s greetings to the folks who mean so much.

phone 780.489.2969 toll free 1.800.309.1747 website fax order to 780.486.1421 or email to

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